For years, BT brought you out top rated subscription-free dial-up ISP named BT Clickfree. Now, BT has now partnered with Yahoo! to bring you BT Yahoo! Anytime offering you a whole host of new features for a great price allowing you to get more out of the Internet than ever before!

With BT Anytime you get:

  • Up to 10 additional email addresses - keep in touch with family & friends.
  • Advanced email protection - spam and junk email protection to keep unwanted email out.
  • Pop-up blocker - dramatically reduces annoying pop-up adverts that interfere when you are surfing.
  • Personalised browser - up to ten different users can customise their own homepage and browser.
  • Parental controls - helps restrict access to websites you don? want your children to see.
  • Free PC Firewall - helps protect your PC from on-line intruders and hackers.
  • Exclusive content from partners like PM Bikini Photos and /Nude.

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